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CBD For Pets

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Let Us Help You Help Your Pet With CBD Products

Whether you have dogs or cats, our CBD for pets will provide them with the same CBD benefits that humans do. We've discovered the ideal combination of natural support by combining all of the properties of CBD oil and cheese strips with animal-approved flavors.

Give CBD as a tasty option, an easy-to-use tincture, or a chewable to the animals in your life to show them the love they deserve. We've created the ideal way to deliver naturally sourced CBD for pets by developing an entire suite of hemp-derived, THC-free* CBD products using our innovative process.

Our selection of chewables, hard chews, and tinctures will satisfy even the pickiest eaters, making it simple and convenient to use on a daily basis. The most recent line of topicals for pets provides soothing relief to both young and old animals. Believe us when we say our CBD is suitable for people from all walks of life!

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CBD pet products

A lot of pet owners are concerned about the safety of CBD oil for their furry friends. Some people are worried that using CBD oil on their pets will make them high, but that’s not the case.

It’s true that CBD can be used to help manage pain in dogs and cats, especially if they have arthritis or other joint problems. But it’s also important to know how much can be used and when it should be used.

For example, studies show that giving your dog too much CBD might cause a problem called “cannabidiol toxicity” (CBT). CBT happens when too much THC enters your pet’s system and causes them to have seizures, become lethargic, or even die.

If you do decide to give your dog CBD oil, you should always start with a low dose and work up from there so that you don’t risk causing CBT.

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Which CBD Pet Treats Really Work?

Looking for the best CBD pet treat? You're not alone. Many people want to know which CBD pet treats are pure, effective, and made from healthy ingredients. Do they need more reviews? No, but I am going to provide some facts that can guide you on your journey of purchasing the perfect CBD pet treat.

Bacon and Cheese Strips - 100mg 9pcs


CBD for pets is a great way to give your pet CBD. These treats are made with 100mg of CBD, which is the equivalent of eating 9 strips. The treats are made from all natural ingredients, healthy for your pets' diets.

We know that your dog is your best friend, so we have taken great care in the development of our CBD dog treats. This is why we only use real chicken and beef for our products.

Our CBD dog treats are made with real beef and chicken, along with top notch cannabidiol, to give your doggo the best treat quality possible.

These treats are so tasty, your dog won’t know the difference between our CBD dog treats and the treats he had before.

Kuma Organics CBD products are the best for your pets. Kuma Organics is a company that produces organic products for your pets. The company has a wide range of products for dogs.

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